Tantra Massage De Luxe – Dancing Shiva

Increase your inner power, wake it up and get the unique feeling of excellent relaxation and long excitement.

Enjoy the massage which stirs your energy harmoniously up and removes the tension and stress from your body.

Forget your everyday worries and enjoy the alternating waves of excitement and relaxation, bringing you up to delight which widely exceeds common erotic experience.

Find your inner happiness and love in the middle of your body and bring this consciousness to your everyday life.

For whom is it intended…?
I recommend this massage to men who want to entirely develope their sexual energy. To men who are seeking the paths to exceptional experiences and inner harmony through their own sexuality.

What can you expect…?
This massage includes welcoming Tantra Ritual, intuitive massage of the whole body, and massage using hot towels with aroma of levander. The peak of this massage is Tantra massage with hot oil and prolonged massage of intimate parts. The price includes also massage of prostate, which can be implemented at your request or may emerge spontaneously.

You can enjoy this massage in duration of 90 or 120 min.

Duration (hours) CZK EUR
1:30 3000,- 120,-
2:00 4000,- 160,-