Tantra massage with elements of shamanism - The Secret of Universe

Use the power of sexual energy for the realization of your wishes and dreams. This energy can help you positively influence your life and make your desires and intentions come true. Immerse into your soul during the sound of shaman drum. Find the way to your inner ”yourself”. Leave your Ego behind and find the way to your purest essence.

For whom is it intended…?
I recommend this massage to people who have already attended one of the Classical Tantra massages and who like to make experiments with their sexual energy. It is necessary to perceive this energy as a creative power, which we will not use for our simple pleasure, but for supporting our intention. During the massage itself, we will mostly focus on creating and upkeeping sexual energy as long as possible.

What can you expect…?
The massage contains a definition of your wish, purification of body and soul, bringing you to deep relaxation during the shaman drum ritual, lifting your sexual energy by means of Tantra massage, sending the energy into the Universe to support your wish, and relaxation.

Duration (hours) CZK EUR
2:30 4800,- 190,-