Tantra massage De Luxe – Path from a woman to a goddess

Discover the hidden potential of your inner female energy. Enjoy the unique experience, while your living energy will be spreading up to your whole body and will change into the healing power. It may also help you intensify your female characteristics, such as intuition, empathy and receptiveness and will lead you to inner peace, balance and satisfaction.

For whom is it intended…?
This massage is designed for women who desire to discover their inner beauty, develop their femininity and find the harmony not only inside them, but also within the external world. This gentle massage will be enjoyed by any woman who is ready to open herself to new experiences in a beautiful and safe environment.

What can you expect…?
After a short welcome ritual leading to pacification and release of your body, you will receive a gentle intuitive massage and massage with hot towels enriched with an aroma of levander. The peak of this one is the massage of your whole body with hot oil. The part of this massage is also the massage of your intimate parts.

Some women enjoy receiving this beautiful and intimate massage from women, while some may prefer men´s energy. That is why you can choose from masseuse or masseur. You can enjoy this massage in duration of 120 or 150 minutes.

Duration (hours) CZK EUR
2:00 3300,- 130,-
2:30 4300,- 170,-