Tantra Massage – Hot Lava Stones

Try this Tantra massage enriched by favorable effects of Lava Stones. Their use during the massage will bring you even greater relaxation and release. Warmth and strength of Hot Lava Stones will release your body from stress and tension in muscles. It encourages the natural flow of life energy within your body. The sense of using the Hot Lava Stones during the Tantra massage is above all in helping to spread the energy into the whole body and multiplying the beneficial effects of the massage.

For whom is it intended…?
This massage can be pleasant change for men, who have already experiences with some of classic Tantra massages. I also recommend this massage to those, who are permanently under stress and need to take away the tiredness and tension and draw new energy.

What can you expect…?
Tantra Massage – Hot Stones includes all parts of the Classic Tantra massage, but moreover it is enriched by warm Massage with Hot Lava Stones.

It involves welcoming Tantra ritual, intuitive massage of the whole body, massage with hot towels with aroma of levander, massage with hot oil and hot stones and massage of intimate parts.

You can enjoy this massage in duration of 90 or 120 min.

Duration (hours) CZK EUR
1:30 3500,- 150,-
2:00 4500,- 180,-